⛏️A New Player in the Mining World.

A New Player in the Mining World.

The ROI calculation of our bestseller - Elphapex DG1. This miner mines two coins simultaneously: LTC and DOGE.

ASIC Miner:

  • Model: Elphapex DG1
  • Hashrate: 11 GH/s
  • Power Consumption: 3456 W

Initial Data:

  • Device Price: 7750 EUR
  • LTC Rate: 95.76 USDT
  • DOGE Rate: 0.2145 USDT
  • Electricity Cost: 0.07 USDT per kWh

Net Profitability of the ASIC Miner:

  • Daily: 25.99 USDT
  • Monthly: 779 USDT
  • Annually: 9356 USDT
  • Payback Period: 10 months

Why is this ASIC so popular?
The answer is simple: LTC recently underwent a halving, and the coin itself is characterized by low volatility. There are no risks of a rapid increase in mining difficulty. The ASIC allows for predictable coin mining for several years ahead.

Order now - out of a batch of 50 devices, only 13 are left.

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